2017 events

24 January 2017

Jacque Tys Oboe Masterclass, Royal College of Music

12 February 2017

with Emily Gray, mezzo soprano (private concert)

13 February 2017

ROSL Arts Music Competition Woodwind-Brass-Percussion Final Round, with Justin Sun (Bassoon)

15 February 2017

Twilight at the Museums, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge – with Hugo Dalton, visual artist and Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

21 February 2017

Old Royal Naval Chapel, Greenwich, 1pm, with Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

28 February 2017

Cheltenham Town Hall, 1pm, with Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

12 April 2017

Recital at Lithuanian Music Academy, with Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

13 April 2017

Evening Recital at Sugrizimai Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Rusne Mikiskaite

26 March 2017

Schumann Festival, Trinity Laban, 7.30pm, with Emily Gray (mezzo-soprano)

11 May 2017

Foundling Museum, 1pm, with Ewan Zuckert (clarinet)

12 May 2017

Melanie Henry Saxophone Masterclass, Royal College of Music

18 May 2017

James Galway Flute Masterclass, Royal College of Music

22 May 2017

Saxophone recitals with Sara Arias and David Zucchi, RCM Concert Hall

23 May 2017

Flute recitals with Dan Scott and Amy-Jayne Milton, East Parry Room, RCM

25 May 2017

Graduation recital, Old Royal Naval Chapel, Emily Gray (mezzo-soprano)

Blackheath Recital Room, Anny Physkin (oboe)

1 June 2017

St. James’, Sussex Garden, Paddington, lunchtime recital with Julia Liang (violin)

5 June 2017

Graduation recital, East Parry Room, RCM, with Matt Lewis (bassoon)

9 June 2017

Flute recital, Rebeccal Speller, Trinity Laban

14 June 2017

Graduation recital, Victor Caparnagiu (violin), Peacock Room, Trinity Laban

15 June 2017

Recital with Audrey Wozniak (violin), Peacock Room, Trinity Laban

18 June 2017

Recital for British-Uruguayan Music Society, UK, with Rosina Acosta (violin)

29 June 2017

Trinity Laban Music and Arts Festival, Peacock Room, with Nigel Clayton (piano) and Hugo Dalton (visual arts)

3 July 2017

Jacque Tys Oboe Masterclass, Royal College of Music

4 July 2017

Fundraising concert for Classical Music Comes to Indonesia project, with Nigel Clayton (piano)

28 July 2017

Recital for Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Queen’s Cross Sanctuary, Aberdeen, with Amy Birse (violin)

6-12 August 2017

Courses and concerts at Tibor Varga Summer Music Academy, Sion, Switzerland

 23 August – 6 September 2017

Classical Music Comes to Indonesia project (with Nigel Clayton, supported by Forges Mataram, UPH Conservatory of Music Tangerang, Quatro Music School Surabaya, and String Orchestra of Surabaya):  Classical Music Comes to Lombok,  UPH Chamber Music Festival, Tangerang, and an Evening of Music Concert in Surabaya (giving South East Asia premier of John Carmichael Concierto Folklorico for piano four hands and string orchestra)

3 October 2017

Ole Kristian Dahl Bassoon Masterclass, Royal College of Music

20 October 2017

Claremont Project, Islington, with Sirius Chau (flute) and Hugo Lau (clarinet)

21 October 2017

Recital for Baltic Young Talent Concert, with Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

24 October 2017

Petri Alanko Flute Masterclass, Royal College of Music

26 October 2017

Roy Pleasance Singing Competition, Trinity Laban

31 October 2017

St. Martin-in-the-Fields lunchtime recital, with Heloise Werner (soprano)

6 November 2017

St. Martin-in-the Fields, concerto soloist for Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5, ‘Emperor’, with Manuel A. Bover (conductor) and Greenwich Sinfonia, for the Beethoven Piano Society Europe (winner’s recital)

8 November 2017

Soundbites lunchtime series, Hertfordshire, with Isabel Couch (clarinet)

15 November 2017

Bridgewater Hall, lunchtime recital for the Manchester Mid-day Concerts Society, with Rusne Mikiskaite (saxophone)

17 November 2017

Raphael Wallfisch cello masterclass, Trinity School, Croydon

21 November 2017

Giorgio Mandolesi bassoon masterclass, Royal College of Music

22 November 2017

Lunchtime Series at St. Peter’s church, St. Albans, with Isabel Couch (clarinet)

24 November 2017

The Soloist Competition, Trinity Laban (voice round)

28 November 2017

Maximiliano Martin Clarinet masterclass and recital, Royal College of Music

30 November 2017

Roy Pleasance Singing Competition Final, Trinity Laban

1 December 2017

The Soloist Competition, Trinity Laban (woodwind round)